Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent candle detail

This is what greets me every night as I come through the door, 'tis the perfect antidote to very trying days in the office I can tell you. So without further ado and as promised a couple of weeks ago here are the how-to's for my skippy version of a Scandinavian Advent Calendar....yes and before you ask there are only three candles not four. One candle is supposed to be lit in each of the four weeks leading up until Christmas, but we started ours a week late and the pot was a bit small so bla bla bla....this is how we did it.

Firstly I must attribute inspiration, or absolute rip off from, my favourite blog Chez larsson.

I searched high and low, in top end shops and the $2 shop for a long white planter to put both the plants and the candle in. Eventually I came across this beauty in a second-hand shop, a bit of Rust-oleum and voila.

The plants are Aquilegia Cameo White which are low growing and give the kind of forest floor look that I was after.

As for my little fungus friends on the forest floor, these were made from fimo polymer clay, using this tutorial (or sort of) and baked for 20 mins complete with wire sticks. I have never used this clay before and I've got to tell I was impressed.

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