Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let the decorating begin!

This year I've decided to give the whole Christmas decorating thing an overhaul. You see I'm a sucker for a co-ordinated Christmas affair. In the 90s I did the whole rich red, forest green and gold look....most recently I had a tilt at a pastel pink and blue theme, but now I've truly embraced my inner Scandinavian (ha! I'm 4th generation Australian!) and gone with red and white.

This actually isn't much of a stretch for me as these are my favourite colours and I've been stockpiling.

So today the boy-child and I made these little toadstools out of polymer clay (I"ll post details in the next few days) as the beginning of our preparations for our Scandinavian Advent Candle thingo! Can't wait to finish it tomorrow and show you guys some more of my "new" Chrissy gear!


  1. Looking forward to those photos and the mushrooms look very sweet! The White House posts an over-the-top video on youtube of decorating the White House and its 18 trees!

  2. Just beautiful! I have a friend who celebrates a Scandanavian Christmas each year. There is a particular pudding they make that she always talks about. I'll see if I can get the receipe for you.


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