Monday, January 25, 2010

Suzy's got it covered...

Yes it's me again, suzy of the cheesy blog titles!

I've quite a bit to share this week, because for once I managed to tick off and complete 3 wips over the weekend. But don't worry this won't be a monster blog post I'll spread them out over the week.

First up is this sewing machine cover, made of course from some fabric that I bought at Ikea! My sewing corner (well it's really a wall) is in our family room and is on show all the time, which makes it a challenge on two levels. One - keeping it tidy and clean and two - stopping everybody dumping their own treasures all over it!

I got the idea from Benita at Chez Larsson - who else I tell you? Between her and my Ikea fixation maybe I should just move to Sweden, but I digress...

The process for each of ours is a little different, same result. Here is the suzy way:

1. Choose a decorator weight, or mid to heavy weight fabric. The Ikea fabric is perfect because it is quite stiff, almost canvas like. I needed 0.5m of a 150cm fabric width.

2. I stood my machine cover on some newspaper and traced the end. For the main part, I kinda rolled the cover along the newspaper tracing away to get one single pattern piece.
So you should end up with 3 x pieces, 2 ends and a main piece.

3. For cutting I was quite particular to make sure that the pattern design on the ends was vertical. I couldn't stand looking everyday at dodgy positioning.

4. Sew the pieces together, right side facing (you know, here's me telling you the bleedin' obvious!). I pinked the seams. It would have been to hard to overlock a u-shape piece, you could have done it before you made the seams up, but this baby won't be washed a lot, so it didn't seem necessary.

5. I really wanted the hem to sit right on the table, so I fitted the fabric cover over the machine cover, turned it upside down and marked the hemline. I then overlocked about 1/4 inch outside of it, turned it up and voila perfect.

6. Last but not least, Suzy added a tag to the front so that I can tell easily which way is the front...and more importantly so I don't forget my name!

Now I've got to go and rip this cover off and do the final push of sewing before my ETSY shop opens next Monday - how exciting!

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  1. cute!
    I am so jealous of your ikea fabric!
    Did you see anything nice for dresses etc? I've seen some SUPER cute outfits sewed from ikea fabric!


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