Thursday, January 21, 2010

Organizing Burda

So I've been committed seriously to buying Burda Style (BWOF) every month for over a year now. When I say committed, I well sort of stalk the newsagents in town every four weeks when I'm expecting the latest copy to arrive. It sux that it is 3 months behind and we pay nearly $16 aussie dollars an issue, but no longer people! I've finally got the lovely people at Burda to answer my email and I'm about to get a direct subscription which will come in a touch over 9 bucks an issue, including postage - ORGANIZED!

..and for some time I've been meaning to sort out my issues like thus so that I have a quick reference for when a potential project pops into my head. This way I don't have to flick through every copy to find the right one. So simple, and flogged from someone's blog that I can't recall (sorry fellow blogger). You colour copy the summary page from the beginning of each issue, and then b&w copy the line drawing summary page and voila. Sort them into date order, add some tabs for each year, season if you so desire and clip the pages into a ring binder. Your mags and pattern sheet can then be filed away- see ORGANIZED!!!!



  1. Get out of town!! Burda replied to your email? I think you are the only person in the world. Sheesh, I can barely get the girls at Burdastyle to reply to my emails about their pattern mistakes!!

  2. dude! that is a brilliant idea!!
    You're so organised!


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