Thursday, January 21, 2010

A nice surprise

I'm not sure about others out there, but I try hard not to pre-determine what my squidgets will be like when they are all grown up. Despite my best intentions however the odd thought creeps into my head every now and then, like "my dad was good at sport, and I was a sprinter so maybe they'll be good at sport" then I beat myself up for trying to preempt the future - let it be Suzy I say.

So in the last few months it has been so refreshing to find out that my boy has this unexpected talent. He can draw, and more importantly he LOVES it. This came as such a surprise to us, and we only really noticed it after his teachers and other mums kept commenting on how good he was. We, as the parents, were a bit slow on the uptake.

So here is his latest 4yr old version of the house from the movie for the challenge for mummy (the frustrated would-be architect) - don't read too much into his subject choice!

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  1. Let me make a prediction - they will most closely resemble their grandparents - I am convinced that capacities skip a generation only to return a generation later!


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