Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guest blogger - Little Miss One!


My name is Sophie, sometimes known on this blog as "the girl child" and today I'm one! So this is a first for suzy hausfrau all around, the first guest blogger and my first birthday.

So I thought I would tell you all about what I love to do now that I'm one.
I love...
  • food, and lots of it!
  • sorting shapes
  • twinkle, twinkle little star...especially copying my mum with the hand gestures
  • dancing, no I REALLY love dancing
  • my big brother, and crawling after him wherever he goes
  • did I mention that I love food?
  • sleeping in mum and dad's bed a bit too much...hmmm
  • bath time
  • going for long walks in my pram with grandad
  • talking, babbling, gibberish whatever you want to call it
  • oh and of course mum and dad, who I can now point to and name with about a 75% accuracy rate
Thanks for stopping by....


  1. And she types as well! What an amazing little girl you have there!

    (Happy birthday Sophie!)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Sophie! a very "grown up" little girl indeed x

  3. Goodness me she is 1! And such a beautiful little girl.

    Happy birthday Miss Sophie, Maddalen is saying "ga ga" which I am sure is a happy birthday wish. :) xox.

  4. Surely not!! I remember first meeting you Miss Sophie, at Brown Owls, when you were just a tiny little thing!
    Hope you've had a very happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday Sophie, from your friend Ella (also one, so we have lots of things in common, but I'm not quite as into eating).

  6. hooray!
    Happy birthday Sophie =)

  7. Happy B'day Sophie...can't belive you are one already....hope you had all the cake you wanted...xoxoxoxoxox


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