Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally...something for suzy

Well I've done it. Finally made something for suzy...and ta da!

Here I am off to the Brown Owls Xmas do last Sunday. It feels fitting (excuse the pun) to be wearing something I made to the final BO bash of the year. Just because I've learnt to really embraced my inner crafty self this year and joining something like BO was a big part of this process.

I'll post the details of the pattern and the adjustments that I made on Sewing Pattern Review which will then appear in a box in my side bar.


  1. Hi, Came across your blog via Pattern Review... I really like your top (I've had my eye on making it myself, tossing up between it and a top BWOF July 2008). Now I'm here, I'll take a look around the blog.

  2. I loved your top! I meant to ask if you'd made it. I had meant to make a skirt to wear to the BO do, but time was a factor. Maybe for the first meet next year!

  3. very couture...loveit suzy....
    love Joyce


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