Friday, December 11, 2009

A bit late...but getting into the Christmas thing

So this time last year I was in hospital with the afore mentioned girl-child. Christmas presents were either under the tree or in the post...all hand-made by early December. Well this year, ahhh not so good.

Despite not conducting paid employment at the moment, my time seems well not my own - ever. So presents are behind, decorating also behind but I am determined to catch up and have it all done by mid next week so I can just enjoy it all. But if the truth be told I actually enjoy all the madness and catching up anyhoo, but only if I avoid anything that looks vaguely like a Westfield!

The tree is up of course, has been since the 1st that is something I would never compromise!

So to today's efforts...a bit of wrapping ready for the post next week. I decided to recycle some old Xmas cards and turn them into gift tags. A few simple strokes with the craft knife and a punched hole for ribbon and voila!

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