Thursday, June 13, 2013

WWKIP 2013 | guest blogger | phoenixgirl

This is the week that knitters take to the streets, to create a spectacle and take part in World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP). As well as hosting two WWKIP events this week, one in Canberra and the other in Sydney, I am honoured to be interviewing five wonderful ladies on my blog. Asking them about their knitting (or crochet) journey and all of their knitting secrets, including UFOs and stash size! 

So sit back, maybe with a cup of tea and enjoy today's guest blogger the lovely phoenix girl. Click on the 'read more' link below.

First up, do you knit or crochet or both?

I knit and crochet, and switch between the two depending on whim. 

Tell us about how old you were when you learnt and who taught you.

My mum is a superb maker; she knits, crochets and tats beautifully, but I learnt little off her beyond knit and purl because she was around to make anything I wanted when I was growing up. She lives overseas, so that bespoke service is logistically more challenging these days.
I knitted on and off during university – only long, straight things, mind. When my sister started knitting about six years ago, I thought I’d go along for the ride. 
I was hooked, and since then, YouTube and books have been my main teachers. I’m very partial to Japanese crochet books; I find the diagrams’ economy and concision infinitely appealing. 

Tell us about what project/(s) you have on the go right now.

There’s a granny-square blanket I have going for a dear friend, which I’ve promised will reach her before her unborn children turn 21; a knitted cardigan in Habu yarn that needs a left front; my long-suffering public-transport-knitted Paris cardigan in Holst garn. Being winter, there’s always a scarf and a hat on the go. 

Tell us about the project that you hold most dear. 

May I be greedy and nominate a few? 
I do have a soft spot for Kate Gilbert’s Clapotis, because that was the first thing I made when I started knitting in earnest. I adore scarves, never mind the weather.
My daughter’s cardigans: I still get a thrill every time she wears one. There will come a day when homemade anything is beyond naff, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.
And my newish Noro Taiyo sock-yarn scarf, because it’s one I made up and put together quickly during the February heatwave.

We never stop learning or perfecting our craft. Tell me what is on your 'to learn or conquer' list.

And some space and time to make up some of the ideas I have and get them down on paper.

Just because we want to rid ourselves of some guilt…
How many UFOs have you got in your cupboard? 

More than I care to admit, so I won’t look because it’ll take away the pleasure of starting something new just because I felt like it!
I seem to have a complex about sleeves, so there are at least two armless projects at the moment.

Could you open a yarn store with your stash?

A micro-store, maybe.

…and because we're curious
Are you a year round or seasonal knitter/crocheter?

Yes to both. Come school-fete time, I’m usually found with a crochet hook in hand.

Do you have a favourite fibre or yarn that you like to work with?

Merino wool and silk blends. I like the inherent materiality in Noro, Holst, Shetland, Habu/Avril yarns. I have this little cone of Habu Pafu Shinkuro that I want to ply with some stainless steel and see what happens.

What will you be doing for World Wide Knit in Public Day this year?

Definitely knitting. See you around on a Melbourne tram; I’ll be the one with the needles.

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