Friday, May 17, 2013

to market, to market

Only two sleeps to go until the 'Celebration of Wool' day at the OBDM in Canberra. Hausfrau headquarters is a bustle of activity as we prepare for this fantastic day. I will be taking almost our entire range, so you can squeeze as many skeins as you dare!

You can find more details out about the markets by clicking here.

With a bigger stall space this year I'm hoping to avoid last year's gridlock of yarn tragics...and to make it easier to spot suzy and her helpers, we'll be rocking these awesome aprons!

Just like the 'suzy hausfrau tote bag' these aprons were printed by Yardage Design, and I love them. They even came in brown paper and suzy pink wrapping! Don't you just love a business that rocks a brown paper package?  *wink*

See you on Sunday!
suzy xoxo


  1. Gah! I am looking forward to Sunday. We are so gonna rock those aprons!


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