Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My poncho (circa 1974)


A few weeks ago as I was searching through my old ballet costumes looking for a pair of electric blue lycra tights (as you do), I came across my old poncho. Circa 1974.

I have to tell you I was totally obsessed with this back in its day. My mother use to tell me that they had to operate on me to remove it. I wore it as a poncho, skirt, going out, staying in, over my pjs - you name it! So you can imagine my squeal of delight when I found it.  I still love it - and the colour, that fabulous burnt orange. Oh so 1974 and still so great!

It's also making me kind of rethink my aversion to acrylics. I NEVER knit with them, NEVER. But if my mother had that same aversion this treasure from my childhood would be just a bunch of holes. This may still not be enough to convince me, but oh boy am I grateful for acrylics and that my Miss Sophie has the chance to enjoy some of grandma's handiwork.  If I come across the crochet pattern in the stash I'll be sure to post it, it's too cute not to spread around some more.


IMGP2395 IMGP2387 IMGP2385

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