Thursday, September 27, 2012

My creative space...In Threes

Last Friday night I liberated this Tosh DK from the shop and cast on the gorgeous In Threes by Kelly Herdich. It felt soooo good to be starting a new project, and even better to be doing so in the glorious MadTosh. 

My girl loves the colour, and the mama is enjoying the new it's smiles all round!

You can see what other creative types are up to today by clicking here.
suzy xoxo


  1. In Threes is one of my favourite knits. Would be heavenly in Madtosh

  2. wow, that colour is so rich and stunning.

  3. oooooooh that colour is heavenly! and the project looks pretty lush too!
    keep on enjoying ;)

  4. gorgeous colour and one of my fave patterns too. x

  5. We really have some sort of knitting psychic connection! Never guess what I've just cast on...and in what yarn!? It will look stunning. Enjoy your new project and wishing you a gorgeous Friday :)


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