Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer knitting



We are having such a mild summer in these parts. It was the same last year, then winter started early and long outstayed its welcome. I'm usually a person that loves winter, having grown up in a sub-tropical climate I thoroughly enjoy the change of seasons. I love that even if its hot or cold, you know that it won't last that long and the next season is around the corner. I love, love, love dressing for winter in coats, scarves, tights and gloves...I don't think the novelty will ever wear off.

But back to summer...I've been knitting a lot this summer outside under the tree while the kids play. Maybe it has been because the weather is mild, but it has got me to thinking about year-round knitters and crochet folk and those that enjoy a cozy project when its chilly outside? I have so many projects in my Ravelry queue I would never get through them in a winter session...but what about you - winter only or all year?

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  1. I'm a winter knitter! i usually get all inspired at the start of the season and want something new and knitty NOW! I was a year round knitter when I caught the bus though!!!


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