Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arne & Carlos - Easter Knitting

Sometimes try as I might I just can't make things work out! I got terribly excited last week when I realised that the authors of last year's favourite knitty Christmas book have published an Easter one. I set to it immediately and contacted the Australian distributor. But alas, no English version until 2013...and they can't even supply me with the original Norwegian publication!

I'm not one to be deterred though, so I've ordered one from this website, and depending on how the patterns are given - in the written form or on charts, I'll decide on whether to stock it and order it direct from the designers. Am I totally mad - or do you just love it too?

suzy xoxo


  1. looks ace!
    This danish blog has some pics of inside the book - looks like charts like the christmas book!
    I might try to get my hands on a danish copy somewhere!

  2. ooops forgot the link -

  3. Looks like a fun book - I love small knitted projects!

  4. No Easter book until 2013! Boooo!
    I kinda hoped it would be released by the end of 2012 :)
    Ive been also waiting for this book, as a lovely addition to my collection of A&C's books. I will for an English edition tho!
    Cant wait. Knitting Christmas balls in the meantime :)


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