Thursday, February 16, 2012

My creative space

I'm pondering here today, examining options, cursing my enthusiasm...and if I admit it, being a bit avoidant. My latest 'go-to' project, you know the one you can work on during swimming and ballet lessons...well I let myself 'go-to' it a bit too much, if you get my drift. Despite diligently carrying a tape measure in my oh so special project bag, I didn't measure it and I'm beyond the range! Aaarrgghhh...

See I've told you before that it's not all crafty light around here!

Pop on over here for creative types having a better day of it than me.

suzy xoxo


  1. Love the bright colours.. hope you can get it sorted out without to much drama :)

  2. it looks great - love the colour combo, and I still can't believe you are such a natural at knitting! Your stitches all look so nice!


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