Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three day strawberry jam!

Yesterday afternoon I finished my first batch of three day strawberry jam! Three days you say? Well, you macerate and cook the fruit up in sugar and lemon juice over a couple of days before making it up on day three.

I read on Martha's blog that this is her preferred way of making jam, which I figured was a a damn fine endorsement. The man of the house bought me the book for my birthday. It is by Christine Ferber, a jam maker and pastry chef who lives in Alsace, France - ahhhh! That is just me sighing...

So back to the jam. It it much more delicate in flavour, still sweet but not overly so. The fruit is translucent because it is separated out from the jam setting process. I was (as always) a little impatient in pouring it into the bottle which means the fruit has risen, but that is just pure aesthetics. For I can tell you that Sebastien (who was home from school for the day) and I shared a great slathering of it on a croissant for afternoon tea...and it was yummeeee!!!

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  1. That looks delicious! Must be nearly summertime.


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