Sunday, September 11, 2011

BC Garn Baby Alpaca *LOVE*!

From the moment that I touched the dear sweet baby alpaca fibre on the sample card I have been in love! When the hanks arrived in the most delicious and sweet colours, I was smitten...working with it whilst making my new scarf was just divine...and now I'm obsessed!

This yarn makes grown women go weak at the knees - I'm serious! I wore this scarf to my showcase a few weeks ago and it was easily the best seller on the day. I have all of the kinder mums at school in a frenzy, buying it up....and most of them can't even crochet! (I can feel a class or two coming on). Have I told you that I love it? I mean REALLY love it...can't you tell?

...and I love wearing my new scarf, firstly because I hardly ever make anything for me, but mainly because it is just GAWGEOUS! Crochet can sometimes create garments that are a bit rigid, but this has fluidity and grace...and dare I say it class!

Happy days,
suzy xoxo


  1. Having seen this in person I can vouch for the gorgeousness! It's the reason that's finally going to make me learn how to crochet!

  2. Hi!

    What's app size of this scarf? How much yarn was used? :)


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