Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing with colour

I won't lie to you there are SERIOUS advantages to having all of this yarn around the place! Take last night for example, I was working away on my scarf when it dawned on me that it is only 10 days till the family ski holiday, and I promised everyone new hats....yikes!

Sophie is sorted, she loves, loves, loves MillaMia's Fia Hat that I made earlier this winter - so that leaves me only 3 to go. I've already picked the patterns...phew! So, into the yarn room I go and start looking for colour inspiration...

I think first up is Sebastien and the Skinny Striped Hat (a free pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca)...I'm using the Semilla organic wool (DK weight)....and musing about the above colour combination. I like to let it sit around for a day or two usually so I'm really sure, but there is no time for that now. Tell me, what do you guys think about these colours?


  1. love the colours... stuff the colours the yarn must feel unbelievable! how lucky the family has you to create them such delicious items to wear.

    love springbrook michelle


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