Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting in line

I woke up this morning to this wonderful fog - we have our fair share of them here in Canberra. The airport gets fogged in and if you are in the know and you want to get out of Canberra in the morning during winter it is best to book the first flight out - otherwise you may get stuck waiting for aircraft to arrive.

So what to do with this weather so perfect for staying inside...hmmmm.

Well despite all the new arrivals to the store last week, I have resisted casting something on with them and I have decided to keep the natural order of things and start projects in order of their arrival in-store....I tell you it's hard my friends to be surrounded by so much lovliness and frustrating because I just want to knit and crochet ALL THE TIME!

So I've started the Alpine Frost Scarf Frost Scarf in BC Garn Baby Alpaca (colourway au101).

I was trying to get a good shot showing the pattern here, which according to those that have gone before me - "needs a good blocking!" I still think it's pretty as it is ....and here is a macro of the yarn. I know I'm biased but using this yarn I feel like I'm actually patting a baby alpaca, it is so so so so soft!


  1. Lovely close-up! I can't wait to make a hat out of my baby alpaca. I think it will be lovely!

  2. Beautiful picures and the scarf looks so pretty!


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