Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the sticks AGAIN!

Well friends I think I've finally managed knit something that is.

You may recall my previous attempt at mastering this elusive craft last year. Well despite some initial enthusiasm and encouragement from crafty friends, I made poor progress past this little swatch. Casting on was still presenting great problems to me. It was just always loose and untidy. My actual knitting stitches on the other hand, were if I say so myself rather neat and tidy.

So I reverted back to a single needle cast on and voila. The other change that I made was following some sage advice from Kuka, I went for a 10-ply which I found much easier to start with.

So in the space of two evenings I have constructed the back of this little number (sorry for the blurry shot) and am spurred on to finish it so the girl-child can be wearing this over late winter and into spring. I will review the book that this pattern is from over the weekend.

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