Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review

As promised a couple of weeks ago I would review Bright Young Things by MillaMia. Now if you read this blog regularly you would spot that I am a total knitting novice.

Did this deter me from purchasing this book? No
Did this deter me from starting to knit a jumper as my first EVER project? No

...and I think that is testimony almost enough for this book, but I will continue.

I have been desperate to knit since I took over the crafting obsession from my late mama 3 years ago. Crocheting came easy as I did do a little bit of that as a child, but I struggled with knitting and it was primarly because I steadfastly refused to knit a scarf as my first project.

After several attempts at other knitting patterns, this one has come really easy. I have made great progress and it should be finished within the week and ready for show and tell, which will be 3 weeks from start to finish for a beginner knitter!

So apart, from being able to satisfy the skills of beginner to more advanced knitters, this book is full of beautiful and quirky patterns...and the colours of the yarn and suggested pairings, be still my aching heart.

Have you gathered by now that I LOVE this book, and will be purchasing the second one toot-sweet!

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  1. oooh cute book!
    And congrats on the knitty success! =)


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