Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It might be obvious to some...

...but sewing and children do NOT mix! This, yes I've known for a while. Firstly because I've got bugger all sewing done this year at home with two kids, particularly with a wee bairn. And secondly because when I do try to sew something it is usually met with "mummy can I help" and now a standing 10 month old tagging at my apron!

So what am I going to do...move my sewing corner. At the moment it resides in the family room right next door to the baby's room. This makes using the overlocker during sleep time or at night absolutely impossible. So at the next opportune time it will move location......stay tuned!

...and what's the photo of the tulip (Floriade circa 2006) in aid of I hear you ask? Well a blog post without a photo is selling you all short and I needed something pretty to offset my dark words above.

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