Friday, October 28, 2011

A pure crafty stuff up!

Can we see a problem with this picture crafty peeps?

You might think it's all crafty goodness in these parts morning, noon and night - well this picture tells a different story...

The bottom piece is the back of the Debbie Bliss Moss Stitch jacket - endless and now completed rows of stocking stitch. I was curious about what I felt to be a rather inadequate moss stitch border whilst completing said back - but rationalised it as a pattern that extends from 6 months to 3 years, I'm doing the 3 years so it's going to look smaller on mine - bla bla.

Last weekend I cast on the left front, completed the moss stitch border - and YUP I've made a mistake on the back, two rows short!

Here are the options available to me:
a) pull out the entire back
b) complete garment with the teeny moss stitch border
c) try to unpick the cast on of the back and add two extra rows
d) cut the back moss stitch, throw in a lifeline somewhere and redo the border.

What say you?


  1. I'd incorporate it as a design feature. She's growing fast - will only be wearing it for a year or 18 months!

  2. Rip the whole thing out & do it properly again. Otherwise
    it will just annoy the crap out of you every time it is worn!!!! Well it would annoy me.......maybe I need to work on this a bit......

  3. Teeny most stitch border gets my vote. It would annoy me to have them different but I wouldn't want to do the whole back again.

  4. I would just make the front border match the completed back border. Go back two rows on the front and start your stocking stitch. The jacket will still look lovely with the smaller border, you just definitely want the front to match the back. Perhaps even make the neck band and the sleeve cuffs two rows shorter as well. It'll be beautiful.

  5. Another option would be a sort of duplicate stitch-embroidery technique where you just add purl bumps to those two rows. You'll be doing both rows at once,so it won't take long. Let's say there are 10 stitches on each row, numbered from right to left.

    Maintain a loose tension that will simulate the purl bumps, without leaving loops that would be easy to snag.

    With a long yarn on a blunt needle, come up from behind your fabric between stitches #1 and 2 of the bottom row, then back down between stitches #1 and the seam, on the same row - one purl bump made on the first row.

    Now come back up between stitches #2 and 3 of the row above, then down between #2 and 1 - one purl bump made on the second row.

    Come up between #3 and 4 on the lower row, down between #3 and 2, up between #4 and 5 on the upper row, down between #4 and 3,and so on.

    What you are doing is simply wrapping evry other stich on each row, alternating rows to keep from having longer floats. Of course, you would start on the upper or lower row depending on where you need the first bump. Hope this is clear, but if not, and you'd like to try it, feel free to email me and we'll work it out.

  6. I should add that that is strictly a cosmetic fix. If your real concern is with the hem rolling, this wouldn' help.

  7. I agree with Greer ... rip the front border back to match the back. The only consideration is if the jacket buttons there may not be room for buttonholes. If that's the case, I would rethink the closure and probably insert a zipper instead of buttons. The narrower border is perfect for a zipper.

  8. choice B: better that than insanity :-D

  9. Personally, feeling exactly your pain, I'd redo the back piece. I think the four rows moss is too short and for a three year old it will look a little dainty. Also, jenlouw knows what she's on about. When you KNOW you've mucked it up, it will bug you until the end of time unless you fix it now. Baby cashmerino is pretty quick to knit. If you were making a size 10 something or other I'd tell you not to worry, but on a small child's knit, it's doable without going insane at the repetition. Hope that helps.


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