Sunday, October 24, 2010

Waiting for baby

We've ordered a beautiful Waldorf Doll from Poppy, Bean and Bloss for the girl-child's second birthday, and I'm like an expectant mother preparing for its arrival.

She (the doll) comes with a change of clothes, but a girl's gotta have more than a couple of outfits so I've knitted this little cardigan and have started on some granny squares for a blanket for the cradle. The cardigan was also a test run as I'm hoping to cast on the 2yr old version of this same pattern for the girl-child this evening. This was just as well because I stuffed up the garter stitch border, but I don't think the doll will mind.

Don't worry she's not getting all of this for her birthday, the cradle/blanket/sheets and the new outfit will be under the tree for Christmas. Now for the rest of the outfit skirt, pants, dress...what do we think?


  1. Ms Suzy - Not sure if you have a child at Orana Steiner School? If not, scroll down this to read about the preparations for the Spring Fair. The Craft Stall is wonderful but be sure to get there early!

  2. i just had a heart attack. i thought you were having another baby! besides, the cardi is beautiful and the new arrival will surely wear with pride. had a look-see at a waldorf doll and loved the face and chubby bubby legs... but can't wait to see the 2yr old sized copy modelled. hope you are well. love the worst friend in the world.... michelle

  3. ooh that little cardi is so cute!
    Can't wait to see the girl child's new dolly - they are so gorgeous!
    =) x


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