Saturday, October 9, 2010

This month I'm reading...

ALL of the books that my new bestie delivered to me at 6PM on Friday night!

You gotta love an Aussie post fella that delivers a parcel that late on the last day of the week and gives a crafty girl her weekend, if not her October fix!

I'll post details about each of the books in due course, but let me tell you Amazon UK absolutely ROCKS! Ordered on Monday (Australian time), delivered Friday afternoon (also Australian time) - standard/cheapest delivery option. Amazon US takes approximately 3 wks to do the same!

Happy reading fellow bloggers...


  1. But have you discovered the Uk Book Depository as yet? It is even better as delivery is free!!!

  2. oooh cake decorating at home - looks fun!! =)
    My postie sometimes delivers on Saturday morning when I have a package - so thoughtful! x


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