Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three generations of crochet...

I've always been in love with crochet jug covers...even as a child when I used to wear them around the house on my head. I don't think it's the nostalgia for afternoon tea parties, or even the head wearing that I love...I think I have always admired them as a little piece of whimsy. You know something you need, but don't really need either.

Well last night I finally finished my first one. When I say finally, I've had a few attempts at trying to create a more modern version using various yarns, including bamboo, nope didn't like them, and to be honest my crochet skills weren't up to using a fine yarns, like cotton until recently. But last night I finally reverted back to mercerised cotton and used a pattern from the treasure trove of nanna pattern books that my mum had picked up over the years at fetes and sidewalk stalls and voila...the white jug cover is one that I had my dear old ma make for me only a few years ago.

Now this amongst my mum's craft belongings which like so many others seem to be waiting to be replicated or completed. It's much heavier than the other two, with lots of intricate beading, which seems entirely sensible for use outdoors so it doesn't get blown off the jug or pitcher that it is covering.

There is a lot of crochet trims for tablecloths, hankies and all sorts of goodies, but alas I can't ask her it's origin or indeed what she intended to do with it :-(. I presume (most likely actually) that this jug cover was done by my grandmother and mum was wishing to copy it...a project that I will definitely complete for her (when my skills are up for it).

BTW...just you think my raspberry cover is something people would buy? Like on etsy or something? Just thinking out loud...


  1. Gorgeous. Well done. I too love jug covers and the idea of jug covers. They really are perfect for afternoon tea on the verandah with the flies around and you want to be relaxed about your jugs. It's just remembering to make afternoon tea for oneself....and then sit down....outside....that's the hard part.

  2. wow that third cover is so beautiful!
    And your raspberry one is so cute - perfect fresh summer tea party colours!


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