Monday, June 8, 2009

Long green weekend

It's been a long weekend here in Canberra, and a green one at that. Green I hear you say???

Well firstly it has rained nearly all weekend, and the grass is sooo much greener which is just lovely. We always need the rain so badly. It sometimes puzzles me that they would put the capital of the driest continent on earth nowhere near any decent water supply - oh well I'm about 100 years too late for that debate.

It's also been green for two more reasons...on Saturday I made some lovely Kiwi fruit jam. Yes it does seem an odd choice for a spread, but I have been lusting after it some 10 years now. Actually nearly exactly 10 years ago to the day a friend and I were in the most beautiful French village staying in a huge rambling house, hosted by a lovely old French woman. For breakfast she had this fantastic assortment of home-made jams all in tiny little pots on a "lazy Susan". I particularly liked one, but as she spoke no English and I no French she couldn't tell me what fruit it was. Then she took me into her walled garden and showed me a kiwi fruit vine. I've never tasted it since, not until Saturday when I made my very own.The final green piece of the puzzle is this Amy Butler Swing Bag. Made today for a birthday gift this week. The outside fabric is Ginseng by Joel Dewberry and the inside some pretty polka dots - I'm a sucker for dots........there you have it my long green weekend.


  1. what does the preserve taste like. is it sweet sweet or tangy or jelly like? it sounds so decadent. could you post the receipe, i would love to give it a go... may need some tips, i've never tried to jam it up before.

    love michelle

  2. Love the bag - that fabric is great!

  3. Fellow "huisvrouw" are quite the designer and the model I see :). Love those bags..quite bohemic indeed. Will be visiting often...

  4. You clever housewives - I'm really at a loss - only a desperately time poor housewife here!!! Love to read both your bloggs - live vicariously through them!!!


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