Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Four drawers

I can hardly believe that I am posting about drawers (it seems a little ridiculous that y'all would be interested) - but here we are...the re-organisation of the kitchen drawers.

Sometime ago I discovered this wonderful blog and since then I have been busy TRYING to re-organise the house. I'm desperate to go to Ikea to gather some supplies so I can finish this project, but alas that won't be happening until the girl-child is a little more cooperative in the car. Back to the drawers....

There are four small drawers in our kitchen and whilst the top drawer had some semblance of organisation, the middle two were disasters! Not any more...

The top drawer contains the usual suspects, plus bag ties (god bless Ikea), tags for labelling (we use them to identify frozen meat), a screwdriver (for quick battery changes of boy-child cars) and the bread recipe for the man of the house who unlike me can't commit it to memory. I lined the front of the drawer with some left over paper from Kikki K.The second and third drawers contains the cooking utensils. The ones we use the most are in the top and others like preserving equipment, bbq tools live in the bottom one.
The last drawer holds the rolls of foil, wrap, zip bags etc. Plus some hot-plate tile thingos (Ikea again I think) and washed zip bags. Yes folks, I wash and reuse zip bags.

There you have it!


  1. oooh nice!!!
    How do you dry them??
    Just inside out?

  2. Do you seriously want to know? Yeah just wash them up, dry them inside out on the line, or dish rack. How low has my blog sunk that I am talking about zip bags - oh man!

  3. You're so funny Suzy. This is what us girls want to hear. We're all struggling with the same stuff, you know. Have faith. I'm drawing strength from this conversation :-).

  4. I tried to do something of the sort with the kids' toys - lasted all of 5 minutes!! Help Suzy! Any nifty ideas????


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