Friday, May 1, 2009

Brown Owl and tell...

A few lazy Sunday afternoons ago little Suzy Hausfrau enjoyed a wonderful Stitchy Tea party with new Brown Owl friends. The craft of the day was embroidery, a foreign and oft strange discipline that Suzy had never had the chance to enjoy. The project of choice was a "steppin' out bib" for the girl-child...inspiration from the wonderful Gifts for Baby book. Suzy learnt how to stitch a little and then raced home and finished the stitching within the hour..........and then it sat.......and sat.........and sat.

Finally this afternoon Suzy picked up said stitching, attached a fine one sided terry cloth, bound the two fabrics with some pretty gingham and added a snap...all in about half an hour! Why is it so? Why have such gusto in the beginning, and then let it languish forever? This I must admit is probably one of about FIVE WIP that I am determined to finish over the weekend. There I've said it - FIVE. Hold me to it!

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