Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter tree....*&%$@$!

I'm happy to be convinced otherwise, trust me I'm a sucker for another excuse to do something fun with the little ones, but is there really such a tradition as an Easter Tree? Some bloggers who shall remain nameless cite German and Austrian Easter traditions as including a tree!

So reservations aside, we dyed the eggs on the weekend with some food colouring, vinegar and hot water. On some of them we created some little pictures, and letters on with white crayon before colouring, not an easy task to hand a 3 year old, writing on an empty egg that is. But he championed through it.We've hung our eggs from some foliage from the garden, and what "tree" would be complete without a nest, made from pipe cleaners and beads from my crafting stash..........sometimes being a mum is just an excuse to do some fun crafting!

PS: Excuse the crappy shots here, I've had to use my old snap'n'shoot as I STILL don't have a macro lens for the SLR!

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  1. Yeah I know. Easter Tree?? I've seen them though in pics so I guess they aren't making it up. Love the nest. Looks cozy and pretty.


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