Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maternity Leave

Well here's my first blog posting...I've been yapping on forever about setting this damn thing up and to quote a fellow blogger who has been very patient with my yacking on "dude, just start a flipping blog already!" Yes you were right krafty kuka it is easy and just like writing an email!

It is probably a perfect time to start a blog about my alter ego the hausfrau as I enter my third week of maternity leave with three weeks to go before baby #2 arrives. The first week was interesting I didn't really achieve much, something to do with Mstr 3 at home, but a lot to do with me not really knowing how to structure my day. Did it need structure at all is the question? Last week was much better, managed to sew and cook a bit, took Mstr 3 to the lake for a picnic and a play and basically started to embrace being a full-time suzy hausfrau.

Well I'll make this one short...and will post again soon with a bit of a show and tell of Christmas goodies. No names for the recipients of course, cause you might be watching........


  1. I just happened to see your name listed on kraftykuka's live traffic feed and thought I'd have a look, and there I find your first ever post.
    Good luck with the blogging, and with baby number 2, of course.

  2. Good luck with the blogging, the crafting, and the arrive of the bebe. Kuka just told me about your blog and thought I'd better come by and have a looksie.

  3. hurrah =)
    Welcome to the blogosphere Suzy HF =)
    can't wait to see what goodies you've been sewing up!
    (now, if i can just get you raveling for real then my work here is done ;o))

  4. Just check Suzy's settings.

    Dutiful husband


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