Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Christmas Sewing

Only one day to go until my self-imposed Christmas deadline and yikes 2 sewing projects left. Luckily one is another Amy Butler bag, which after making two already could go either way. I could be really quick or really confident which means I could stuff it up!

Today I finished the third of these gorgeous little dresses. I have mostly done these dresses on my overlocker which I am madly in love with, and will prattle on about it to anyone that listens. I've even gone as far as saying that I would marry it. It just makes life so much easier for gathering, hemming and generally finishing off the garment. Here I prattle on again. I've been going to an overlocking class each Tuesday night to conduct this illicit affair with the machine and I will hopefully manage to fit two more classes in next week before the baby arrives. Last week's class I made a great top from start to finish in 2 hrs - couldn't believe it. I'm so in love with the overlocker that I sit and admire the inside of the garment over and over, and much more than the outside. I was always a bit shy about making my own/other peoples clothes because they never seemed finished properly on the inside.

Well here are the dresses, pattern is New Look 6796 with random fabrics picked up over the last couple of months...
Tomorrow in between sewing I'm starting the Christmas bake-off. I went to the markets today and the kitchen is full of spices, glaced cherries, peel, raisins, currants etc etc and of course rum and tomorrow's post will divert from the sewing theme that has thus far been prevalent.


  1. oooh! they're cute =)
    I know what you mean about the finishing - inside seams look really unfinished, hey.
    I can't wait to see what you're baking!
    Oh, and I meant to say, any chance we'll see you at SnB next Monday (the 8th)??
    I know it's (really, REALLY) close to B(aby) day, but we'd love to see you there =)

  2. these are absolutely lovely suzy HF. catie loved the one you made for her for christmas. she calls it her party dress and it's been on and off all boxing day... she takes it off the go to the loo but that's about it. you are amazing, i had no idea you could sew, let alone so well. thank you.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog...I especially love it when I get comments. Have a great day, suzy xoxo


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