Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grazing on the greenest pastures of home

Early last Saturday morning I joined the team at Mix 106.3 for the launch of the Canberra Local Supports Scarf journey. Twenty bedazzled merinos were let loose to graze on the greenest of Canberra pastures.

From Glenroy Station, north of Bredbo, these sheep will be shorn in about 12 months time, and the wool will be scoured, spun and dyed. The result gorgeous local merino yarn.

Then the suzy hausfrau community comes in. You see it's my job to rally an army of local knitters to create the local supporters scarves in the ACT's beloved Raiders and Brumbies colours. The once in a lifetime scarves will then be given to Mix 106.3 charities to be auctioned off at fundraising events.

I think it's pretty amazing to be involved in the journey of these scarves, right from the very beginning, don't you?

You may recall that I was a guest of Cam & Ben on Mix 106.3 back in June, and managed to teach the odd knit and purl stitch to the guys. Well, Cam was keen to show me that he still had the knitting skills, and I spotted his case complete with cast on project in the stadium.  Keep practising Cam, you may even be good enough to help with a scarf next year!

Happy knitting folks,
suzy xoxo


  1. Looks those sheep could show the Raiders and Brumbies a few moves on the field!!! Fabulous and novel fundraising idea...good luck with it all Renae!

    1. The sheep dog certainly could! He was amazing, if not a little scary...


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