Monday, August 12, 2013

A roundup of Ravelry 101

Sometime back I began putting together a Ravelry 101 series which featured tutorials on how to get the best out of the website Ravelry.

Topics that I've covered so far include:

In my list of upcoming blog posts I have:

  • how to add your blog post to a project
  • how to use the library function
  • browsing for patterns, what are the options
  • uploading a picture to your project
  • how to sort through your Ravelry stash
This blog is about providing the suzy hausfrau community with the information, knowledge and inspiration that they want. So I'm going to ask you!

If you would like me to cover any other topic in my Ravelry 101 series, please leave a comment below.

Come on, don't be shy!
suzy xoxo

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