Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter | how to make marbled eggs

There is something so special about passing your own childhood traditions on to your own children don't you think? Especially when you have only recently remembered them!

A couple of weeks ago an old memory popped into my head of beautiful coloured marbled eggs that my mum used to make. A bit retro 1970s you think? Absolutely, yes...and super easy to make. 

Boil yourself up some eggs, and then whilst they are still hot tap them all over to create cracks in the shell. Immerse them in a bowl of coloured water, and when cool peel them to reveal beautiful marbled eggs. 

I used good old Queen's Food colours, a pink one for the princess and blue for my boy. Perfect to enjoy for an Easter breakfast or lunch. 

But do you know what? The surprise for me was the crazy designs on the shells, next year I'm going to have to think of a way to use these too.

Here's wishing you and your family a Happy Easter,
suzy xoxo


  1. They are beautiful! We never did any egg decorating at home - wish we had!

    1. Thanks. Mum used to roll them out at family BBQs too. Along with the cabana and coloured pickeld onions!


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