Thursday, October 25, 2012

My creative space (a diversion)

I suspect that I like most of you, wake up in the morning compiling a mental list of what I have to do each day. Like, who I have to contact, bills I have to pay, school notes that are due, those sort of thrilling life tasks, oh and fit in a bit of knitting here and there.

High up on my list today was to pick up the vouchers for the two school fetes/events that I am sponsoring this weekend. Turner Primary are having their annual fete and BlueGum are hosting an art sale. I was honoured to be asked to help out, so I've donated some yarn and suzy cash! So if you are in the area...drop on in.

There was various other, and much less exciting tasks to do...then I got the WORD, and my to-do list is so forgotten. I've been searching for a suitable space for pop-up shops and classes for AGES. A few weeks ago I heard about an exciting new concept in Canberra, Lonsdale Street Traders. I immediately checked it out, and was smitten. Lucky for me CraftACT has a space there which they have sub-let out to yours truly for a whole WEEK starring from 20th November!   A lot more details to come, but I will be teaching Christmas knitting and crochet classes, and running a pop-up shop.  I couldn't be more excited.

But now my creative space has been diverted from finishing the last measly three and a half rows of my In-Threes so I could share it on MCS today. I'm too busy planning and dreaming, actually mostly doing happy dances and dreaming.  Yep, you heard that right - too excited to knit three and a half rows!

Happy, happy days,
suzy xoxo

PS Much more productive creative folk can be found over here sharing today.


  1. what is that purple yarn you are using? it is stunning! and i love your christmas decorations!

  2. What? You mean I'll be able to pop up there in my lunch hour and see you AND buy yarn? Insane! And heavenly!


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