Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NEW to suzy hausfrau - patterns by Julie Hoover

chaleur 07 

To say that I'm delighted to be the exclusive Australian stockist of Julie Hoover's sublime patterns is an absolute understatement. I came across Julie's stunning work whilst researching new yarns for the store, and I was struck by how clean, simple and elegant they all were. I knew that I had to have them, knit them and start stocking the yarns that she is drawn to. Her taste is impeccable!

You can browse her patterns over here ... 

encadre 07 

Don't you love them? I knew you would!

...and here's a little bit more about Julie and her background.

Over the years, in her roles as visual merchandiser, art director and freelance designer, Julie's had a hand in creating many things that she is proud to call her “work.” Although, she likes to think of it as getting paid to “play.” Her background (and degree) is in textiles. And that, for as long as she can remember, has always been her constant romance. Devoted to using cleanlines and creating sophisticated fabrics, her designs have a thoroughly contemporary appeal. Julie is currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri with her husband, three boys, and two dogs.

decalage 01

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