Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spice envy!

I spent many years avoiding a spice rack, perhaps due to living in too many share houses with an obligatory dusty pine rack containing Masterfood spice bottles or similar. As a result our spices were always hard to find and often duplicated.

Well a couple of years ago I started getting serious about organizing the house, and spices were high on my list of to dos. Here is how I do it, not rocket science that's for sure. The jars are in alphabetical order, and labelled with my trusty Dymo labeller.

The bulk spices are in a sealed container in that little used cupboard above the fridge. I buy most of my spices from Asian or Indian grocery stores, so it is just a matter of topping up the jars with the bulk packs....voila!

I thought that perhaps with two racks I was going a little over the top, until I saw this one in a flikr group using the same Rationell jars and rack. I think another trip to Ikea is beckoning.

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