Saturday, May 8, 2010

Across the great divide...

I know a bit dramatic...but it REALLY felt like it.

Yup, we've spent the last month moving house...the problem was that in my (say that our) mind we're still at uni, driving from dig to dig with the rolled up futon in the front seat, so moving takes like a weekend or less.

Yup, we're deluded! Moving with two kids really sux! AND it takes WAY longer than a weekend!

...and I'm rather disappointed to report that I no longer sleep on a futon.

PS: picture flogged from someone....better cite it.


  1. ugh moving is such a pain! hope you enjoy settling in =) xo
    ps my word verifivation word is kaos! spooky ;o)

  2. Hope you're all settled in by now! I hate moving too. Hopefully won't have to do it again for 20 years.


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