Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To shame or not to shame?

Well my friends, I need to ask a favour of you...whether I shame my local sewing shop out on this blog or not.

The story goes, about 8 months ago I did a bra-making class. I was heavily pregnant at the time and chose to make a maternity/feeding bra. Payment for the class included tuition, a personalised pattern and enough material to make two bras. I completed one bra on the day. The instructor then took the pattern and instructions so that she could cut up the fabric and make up the kit for the second bra.

To cut a long story short, after the birth of the girl-child I frequented the establishment some 5 or 6 times to enquire about the pattern and/or the kit for the second bra. Each time the shop assistant became more and more embarrased about having to tell me that "Yes I have passed the message on, did XXX ring you?" NO I say, otherwise why would I be here asking AGAIN!

Now I'm still merrily breastfeeding the bub, but it will end soonish and I have lost quite a few kilos since the day of the class - I no longer want said pattern and kit. I emailed the shop today, with a further please explain...and now I wait.

So, my question to you is
a) How long do I give them to respond to the email?
b) Should I shame them and name them on this blog?
I might mention that they are the only retailer of my brand of sewing machine and overlocker on this side of town!!!

Your help is much appreciated........suzy


  1. Give them 24 hours to respond.

    If they don't respond in that time, send them another email advising them you have contacted Office of Fair Trading and are currently taking steps to recoup your money. Tell them you will withdraw your action if they cough up.

    http://www.ors.act.gov.au/fairtrading/index.html (you'll need sunglasses - whoever designed that website should be shot and/or sent back to web design school).

    I had to threaten a gallery in Melbourne with the stern words and fair trading threats recently, when they sold the artwork that I had paid full price for to someone else before they sent it to me. Crooks. They eventually coughed up, but I will never deal with them again.

    As for your sewing machine and overlocker, don't bother with the shop - contact Sew Happy instead. Sam comes to your home to pick up and deliver and is the best sewing machine mechanic there is.

  2. I agree with Michelle (above) - start mentioning Office of Fair Trading and give them 24 hours.

  3. Hello!

    Still loving the blog Suzy. Really love the bag you made and also inspired to try making your jam!

    I am all for damning and shaming. But I do have strong German genes so believe strongly in wrong doing being wrong doing. Alternatively, perhaps you could use it as levarage for a discount on some products?

  4. Sorry Suzy, anonymous was me, Liesel. Accidently hit anonymous rather than name. The perils of typing one handed with a wriggling newborn over the other shoulder!


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